Welcome to El Dorado Surgery Center

Discharge Instructions

  • A responsible adult should be with you for the next 24 hours. Rest quietly for the remainder of the day.

  • DO NOT drink alcohol for the next 24 hours or while taking any pain medications.

  • DO NOT drive a car, make a legal decision, cook, handle dangerous items (hot grease, boiling water, smoking materials), or operate machinery for 24 hours after having anesthesia or sedation.

  • DIET: Unless otherwise instructed, maintain a light diet for the remainder of the day. Begin with liquids and light food such as crackers, Jell-O and 7-UP. Progress to your normal diet if you are not nauseated. Avoid spicy, greasy and fried foods for 24 hours. You may begin your regular diet the next day unless otherwise instructed by your doctor

  • MEDICATIONS: Take any prescribed medications from your surgeon and check with your physician to make sure that it's alright to resume any other prescription medications you may be taking.

  • OPERATIVE SITE: Keep dressing dry and intact until you are told to remove it, or at your next physician appointment. Leave any tapes beneath the dressing in place until they fall off by themselves. Apply ice as directed. Check with your physician to see when you are allowed to get the site wet.

  • These are general instructions. Please follow your specific discharge instruction sheet given to you on the day of surgery.

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